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Cold Weather Safety Tip For Pets

It’s getting cold in Mechanicsburg! Don’t leave dogs outdoors when the temperature drops. Most dogs, and all cats, are safer indoors, except when taken out for exercise. Regardless of the season, shorthaired, very young, or old dogs and all cats should never be left outside without supervision. Short-coated dogs may feel more comfortable wearing a sweater during walks.

10 Reasons to Volunteer with The Helen O. Krause Shelter

Top ten reasons to volunteer at the shelter
  • Help abused and unwanted animals get loving homes!
  • Brush up on your cleaning skills!
  • Being a human love toy to cats and dogs is a great stress reliever!
  • Socialize scared and/or shy cats and dogs!
  • Meet lots of great people!
  • Feels great to know that you CAN make a difference!
  • Takes just a few hours…work around YOUR schedule!
  • Help is needed in all sorts of areas, grounds keeping, administrative, medical, foster parents, and fundraising.
  • Warm fuzzy feeling when a cat and dog you’ve helped finds their forever home!
  • You are needed and appreciated by humans and animals alike!
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The History of Mechanicsburg!

Named for a settlement of mechanics who made and repaired Conestoga wagons in the early 19th century, Mechanicsburg’s continued growth was also attributed to the Cumberland Valley Railroad (CVRR). Completing its line in 1837, Mechanicsburg was designated as a water station where workers could restock the locomotive’s wood and pump water. The train became the town’s link to the world of business and industry. Grain and feed companies, lumber yards and numerous factories were purposely built alongside the railroad tracks. Archives show that, at one time, there were twenty-five trains chugging through the town daily carrying travelers, coal, feathers, fruit, ice, mail and newspapers. During the American Civil War, the railroad was an invaluable method of transporting troops and supplies. Today, approximately six trains travel through Mechanicsburg each day, which has recently increased due to new operations on the local sub-line owned by Norfolk Southern. Another part of Mechanicsburg’s growth occurred when the Naval Support Activity was built on 840 acres (3.4 km2) of land in Hampden Township, Pennsylvania. NSA Mechanicsburg continues to serve as one of the Defense Departments major logistics sites. Although automotive technology changed the town forever, today’s residents cannot dismiss the vital role the railroad played in its development.

Meet Rachel Becker!

Rachel, our summer student intern, has been hired as a part time technician! We are very happy to have her and we interviewed her so that we all could learn more about her.
  • Where are you originally from? ~Thompsontown, Pennsylvania
  • How long have you been at the Hospital? ~2 Months
  • Where did you/do you go to school? ~I attend Wilson College currently.
  • At what point in your life did you realize that you had such a deep connection with pets? ~Ever since I was a little girl I loved animals and always wanted to work with them when I grew up.
  • List your pets and names throughout the years (including childhood ones): ~Patches(cat), Princess(cat), Amey(cat), Ginger(Golden Retriever), and Snickers(rabbit) throughout my childhood. Currently I have a cat named Bella and a horse named Buddie.
  • What kind of food do you feed your pets? ~Purina
  • What is your favorite movie? ~Safe Haven
  • What kind of music do you like? ~Country Music
  • What was the last book that you read? ~The Guardian by Nicholas Sparks
  • What is your favorite TV show? ~Reba
  • Where was your last vacation? ~Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
  • What is your favorite restaurant? ~Sals OIP
  • Describe your perfect sandwich. ~A cheeseburger sub with lettuce, tomato, and hot peppers.