Castaway Critters Pet of the Week – Tess

Coy Tess reminds her foster owner of a southern belle with her sweet, shy charm. She is about a year old with a beautiful caramel coat and white bib. Rich green eyes look back at you wanting your love and attention. Homeless and living under a trailer, Tess was initially cautious, but a Castaway Critters caregiver fed her and earned her trust. Tess will rub your legs and enjoys being petted. She is a little unsure about being picked up, but once in your arms, she relaxes and purrs. Tess may need a little time and patience to adjust in a new home due to her unknown outdoor experiences with people, but she will be a great companion for a quiet home. She is petite, dainty, sweet and ready to be adopted. Pet of the Week - Tess To learn more, go to: