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Lower Level Laser for Pets

LOW-LEVEL LASER Low-level laser therapy (LLLT) uses light to help reduce pain and inflammation and also injuries to heal more quickly. Our laser is very safe, painless to your pet and is valuable for treating many painful conditions. Virtually any disease process that involves inflammation in pets can be helped with laser therapy. One of the most common applications of laser therapy in veterinary medicine is musculoskeletal disease and injury. The laser is effective in helping injured muscles heal more quickly, as well as improving the function of muscles that have been strained because of arthritis, hip dysplasia or other injury. Dogs recovering from orthopedic surgery benefit from laser treatment, as inflammation and pain are decreased while the circulation improves. Wounds and incisions heal more quickly when treated with the laser. Most treatments take five to 15 minutes and sedation is not necessary. Generally, a typical treatment plan includes six treatments over three weeks. Additional treatments can be done if necessary.