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Harrisburg Animal Fighting and Cruelty Investigations Training

Wednesday, July 24, 2013 The Humane Society of the United States is now offering free training to animal control, law enforcement, prosecutors, judges, shelter staff, and key volunteers on how to recognize the signs of animal fighting and strengthening convictions. For more information, go to: www.cpaa.info Two sessions: 8:00 am–12:00 pm – Law enforcement personnel 1:00 pm–4:00 pm – Shelter staff and key volunteers Both will be held at the Pennsylvania Farm Show Complex, VIP Room, 2300 N. Cameron Street, Harrisburg, PA. TO REGISTER:please RSVP at www.humanesociety.org/harrisburgdogfighting If you have any questions, contact Sarah Speed at 717.440.5527 or email sspeed@humanesociety.org by July 19, 2013. SPACE IS LIMITED.

Dr. Bob and the Team Raise $600 in the Penguin Plunge

Congratulations to Dr. Bob and Stacy Colm for raising $600 to support the Humane Society of Harrisburg Area by participating (again) in the Penguin Plunge. Participants get the pleasure of jumping into the chilly Susquehanna River on New Year’s Day. According to Dr. Bob, the temperature wasn’t too bad this year, but the wind was an issue. The event raised $20,000 for the Humane Society.

Is that my vet freezing in the Susquehanna?

Call us crazy, but we’ll do anything to support animal welfare. Yes, that includes jumping into the freezing Susquehanna River on New Years Day. The plunge benefits the local Humane Society. Last year more than 200 people jumped in the river and raised $20,000. Our own Dr. Bob was there, and he’ll be back this year as well, this time with two members of the Hospital’s team: Malcolm Babbitt, our veterinary technician supervisor, and Stacey Colm, one of our veterinary technician assistants. Continue reading Is that my vet freezing in the Susquehanna?

You Helped Raise More Than $450 at our Holiday Party! Thanks!

Yesterday we held our first Holiday Party at the hospital, and we couldn’t have been happier. We had more than 100 clients and friend come through to get their pets’ portraits taken with Santa and share some food and drink with members of our staff. Continue reading You Helped Raise More Than $450 at our Holiday Party! Thanks!

The story of Reverie the Winking Cat

Reverie means a daydream or an impractical idea; which is exactly what most people would think about this cat ever having a chance of being adopted. “Reverie” is a 16 year old, one-eyed cat whose journey in life resulted in him being one of many cats the Humane Society takes in every year. Most people looking for a new pet would never think about adopting a cat that was so old or a cat with a permanent wink. Lucky for “Reverie,” our long-time client Melissa Snyder isn’t most people. To Melissa, what this cat needed most was a comfortable home to live out his final years. His missing eye just added character to this loving handsome cat. “Reverie” is certainly living a daydream everyday as he spends time at his new home with his new family and I’m sure his family feels the same way about him.
Reverie at our Hospital
When Melissa was asked what attracted her to adopt the special needs Reverie, her response was insightful. She feels that people in our society get pets for their own satifaction or reasons. She feels that we need to get an animal with the animals needs in mind. We’ve been fortunate to get to know Reverie the past week as a special medical boarder. Melissa had brought Reverie in for a shot and was telling us about her concern leaving him home alone while she was on vacation. While many boarding facilities are unable to take animals with such serious medical problems, we have the medical resources necessary to the job. Since we’re a busy hospital we don’t generally have a lot of room for boarders. But in this case, we agreed to take Reverie in. How could we not? For anyone deciding on adopting a new pet, don’t always count out the older animal or the one that needs a little extra love. Sometimes these make the best pets and their gratitude is immeasurable.