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Melissa’s Miraculous Recovery

Melissa after Dr. Kepner's surgery.
Everyone who hears Melissa’s story would consider this kitten’s life a miracle. Melissa luckily found her way to the Animal Hospital of Dauphin County thanks to Castaway Critters, the wonderful, local no-kill rescue organization that helps sick and abandoned animals. Melissa was found on the side of the street with a severe head injury by a Good Samaritan. When we first saw Melissa she hardly looked like she’d ever make it through the night. Her right eye was damaged beyond repair and part of her skull was broken.
Dr. Kepner and Melissa
Dr. Jim Kepner, one of our senior veterinarians, performed the surgery. He repaired her skull, cleaned out her eye and sewed her up. Our caring nursing staff then took over. We gave her tons of TLC, and Melissa made a beyond-miraculous recovery.
Melissa today
Melissa is currently living with her foster mom and foster brothers and sisters. She was recently in to visit with her adoptive mom and looked amazing. We hardly even recognized her. This is just one story about the great things that Castaway Critters does. We work with them almost every day. Without their support, who knows what would have happened to Melissa. For more information or to donate to Castaway Critters please visit their Web site www.castawaycritters.org.