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Cold Weather Field Trips for Pets

If your dog is feeling cooped up this winter, try taking him or her on outings with you during the week. Even a short trip to a dog friendly pet store or coffee shop can make their week more eventful. For dogs and cats, consider having a pet sitter drop by to exercise your pooch or play with your cat.

New Year’s Resolution: Pet Exercise!

Exercise is the most common New Year’s resolution for humans and there is no reason why it can’t be for your pet too! Indoor games can keep your pet active while giving them some quality one on one time. For dogs, try some new toys like a rope to play tug with. Fetch is also a great game to play indoors with small stuffed animals. To increase the activity level try tossing the toy up stairs (make sure the stairs have carpeting or a runner to prevent slipping). If your dog likes to chase, try attaching a stuffed animal to the end of a rope. Even though going outside is difficult this time of year, indoor open areas work well too. For cats try to mix up their toys and introduce some feathery or fur-like toys on “fishing poles” that will encourage stalking, leaping and pouncing- especially right before mealtime when your cat is hungry. Interactive toys are enjoyed by both dogs and cats especially ones that dispense treats!

Dogs, humans may have shared viruses

Dogs and humans have shared many things over their 10,000-year relationship. Now it seems that the two species may have shared some genetic material as well, exchanged through the transmission of viruses, according to a new study from Uppsala University in Sweden. Looks innocent enough, but humans and dogs may have exchanged genetic material over the millennia via retroviruses. The researchers studied the genome of a female boxer and looked for chains that corresponded to known retroviruses, which can integrate themselves into the genome of their hosts. They found that only 0.15% of the canine genome was made up of these endogenous retroviruses (ERV), compared to about 0.8% in humans and 2% in mice. Canids may have had fewer retroviral infections than other mammals, the researchers speculate, but there could be other causes for the low percentage. “However, the paucity of known extant retroviruses in dogs compared to other mammals as well as the current status of the dog assembly and the limited number of carnivore species sequenced to date preclude firm conclusions regarding mechanisms and processes leading to the low [canine endogenous retrovirus] content observed in dog,” the study says. The study says that one group of retroviruses was similar to a human retrovirus, giving rise to the hypothesis that dogs and humans may have shared viruses over the millennia. “This ERV analysis of the first carnivorous species supports the notion that different mammals interact distinctively with endogenous retroviruses and suggests that retroviral lateral transmissions between dog and human may have occurred,” the study concludes.


Looking for a Big Dog? Help the CPAA find a home for Buddy! Hi, I’m Buddy. I’m approximately 3 years old and I’m a Pit Bull/Mastiff mix, but my foster mom thinks I bark like a hound dog. I’m a laid back guy who gets along well with my foster dog brother and sister. I have a tendency to howl when I meet another dog or cat for the first time, but my foster mom is working on teaching me better manners. I like to run and play but my favorite thing in the world is curling up with someone who loves me and just relaxing. I’m told that I’m a pillow hog, but your lap is my favorite place to sleep. I’m working on learning basic commands, like sit, stay and down. I’m crate trained and housebroken. I even do a little tap dancing when its time to go for a walk. My foster mom says I pull a little on our walks, so she gave me a back pack which helps a lot. I love meeting people, going for car rides and walking around pet stores. People tell me how handsome I am and sometimes they even give me cookies for being such a good boy! I have a lot of love to give and I’d like a home that will love me furever! I think I’d do best in a house with at least one other dog friend, as sometimes I get a little lonely. Cats are okay, but sometimes my whining makes them swat at me. I guess I’m a little excited with them, but we’re working on that too! I need someone who’s willing to help me continue to learn and in return I’ll be the best boy you’ve ever had! Hopefully I’ll see you soon! http://www.cpaa.info/dogs4adoption.html  


A recent survey conducted by Veterinary Pet Insurance (VPI) has listed the top pet names for both dogs and cats. The company tapped its own database of 485,000 insured pets to create the list. For dogs, the most popular name was Bella, followed by Bailey, Max and Lucy, respectively. Cat parents chose Max most often, followed by Bella, Chloe, Oliver and Lucy. The company also released a list of the top 10 most unusual pet names of 2010. Topping the list for dogs was Pickle Von Corndog followed by Lord Chubby Pruneface. For cats, the company selected Purr Diem as the top creative feline moniker, followed by Bing Clawsby