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Cat Rabies Vaccines!

Is your cat current on his or her Rabies vaccine? Did you know that the Rabies vaccine is required by law in all cats 3 months and older in the state of Pennsylvania? Do you decide not to vaccinate since your cat is indoor only? Despite the fact that most cats are indoor only, there are still ways that they can be exposed to rabies. One of our clients discovered this recently when her unvaccinated indoor only cats came in contact with a bat on her enclosed porch. She had the bat tested and it came back positive for rabies. Now her house is under quarantine for 6 months. The owner is experiencing how scary rabies can be and is concerned that something could happen to her family or her cats. She is hopeful that a rabies post-exposure protocol with be enough to protect her cats and her family with coming down with this fatal disease. Think this won’t happen to you? Our client didn’t either. In recent years, more domestic cats have tested positive for rabies than domestic dogs. Our pets are our first line of defense against the spread of rabies to humans. The rabies vaccine has been proven to protect our cats from developing rabies and this means protecting the humans they live with as well. Cats are more likely to spread rabies to humans than dogs. In cats, the disease often causes paralysis and pain, causing them to bite other animals and even their owners. We want to help protect your family members (both cats and humans). Please make sure your cat’s rabies vaccine is up to date. If you find that the rabies is not up to date, we would be happy to set up a wellness appointment for you.